Pharmacy Management System

HospiNEXT - Acceptance & Satisfaction

Client: A Leading Hospital in Johor

The hospital was already using another application for managing all their administrative and clinical related activities. They were not satisfied with the performance and wanted to evaluate HospiNEXT. We conducted a case study for the same through exploring the influential factors that affect the acceptance and satisfaction levels among different healthcare professionals in the Hospital.

DSS developed an exclusive approach to

We conducted objective quantitative survey methods to collect data directly from different types of Hospital Information Management system users. The survey covered 5 sections:

  • Demographic user information
  • Assessment on existing Hospital Information Management system
  • Accessibility and availability of computers
  • Impact of using Hospital Information Management system on patient care

We found that the most influential factors are :

  • Availability of computers (laptops & computers on wheels) - To facilitate direct and immediate data entry and information retrieval processes
  • Slow performance and responsiveness

It is observed that main areas of potential improvement are:

System performance – Improving the performance of the Hospital Information Management system is achieved by -

  • Increasing the availability of computers at the point of care
  • Making the Application more user-friendly
  • Defining new methods for data entry
  • Improve the MIS reporting

Organizational support – A very crucial factor that can be achieved by providing training and dedicated time (during working hours) for users to learn and practice on the Hospital Information Management system.

Users' feedback – Better and more reliable channels of communication and feedback are needed to consider users' complaints, suggestions and contribution.

We understood the system functionality thoroughly, the need for changes and improvement. We implemented HospiNEXT in their hospital and appointed a dedicated 2-member team to maintain their information in the application. After 1-month, it is observed that there is a lot of improvement in the system performance with increased information quality. Also our team conducted the user trainings (weekly) and immediate support was provided for all the helpdesk tickets arised. Now we are proud to have this hospital as our permanent client.