Medical Management Software

Patient Billing Solution – with clinical system integration

Client: Upcoming chain of Clinics in Kuala Lumpur

To develop a comprehensive billing application that ensures efficient creation of bills/invoices and timely payments, with integration to clinical systems.

  • Timely and accurate entry of charges
  • Charting for creation of claims
  • Support various claim submission and processing mechanisms
  • Integration with Insurance companies
  • Implementation and conformance to applicable standards
The Solution

HospiNEXT provided an integrated billing solution that comprises of:

  • Patient Demographics and Charge capture
  • Claims generation and Submission
  • Payment entry
  • Complete Collections data
  • Receivables Management
  • Ageing Analysis

DSS developed an exclusive approach to

HospiNEXT billing solution provides seamless integration features for charge creation, insurance claims and provides features to manage validations and rebilling. This helped avoid duplicate and error prone data entry. The transmission of claims could be done either through electronic means or paper based preprinted forms.

The application has delivered adaptability to client software and billing process with prompt medical billing services, thereby saving on client's operational expenditures.